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Our Presenters

Jeff Metzer, USA

A gymnast from his elementary through university years, Jeff dropped out of mechanical engineering college after he accidentally discovered a new passion—teaching gymnastics to youngsters. One year later, in 1973, he opened his own gymnastics school in a church multi-purpose room. Today, with 162,000 sf and two dozen profit centers, Kids First Sports Center has grown to become the largest and most influential Children’s Instructional Services operations in the world. After serving as its President since its inception, in 2020 Jeff stepped away from daily operations and now serves as Senior Advisor, a title he proudly proclaims he has earned by half.

Jeff is also currently President of the Metzger Small Business BOOTCAMP, a 4-1/2 day, total-immersion leadership, marketing and organizational workshop for the CIS Industry. With over 2,500 graduates from the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Mexico, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland and Germany, BOOT CAMP has elevated the industry and enriched the lives of countless industry professionals.

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Mandy Johnson

Mandy is known for her humorous and thought-provoking keynotes, having spoken at 150+ events in Australia/UK/China/Asia and South Africa. One of only a handful of Australians to speak at the Asia/Pacific Talent Conference in Taipei, she also runs signature masterclasses, guest lectures MBA and Incubate students and delivers executive education courses at institutes such as Bond University and the University of Queensland Business School.

A best-selling business author, Mandy’s articles and extracts have featured in the Financial Review, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Boss Magazine and many others. Her book Family Village Tribe is used as a set text in The University of Queensland Business School’s MBA Strategy course; Winning the War For Talent was profiled on SkyBusiness News and US radio; and her in-depth Future Of Work essay is now included as an introduction in Wiley’s Australia and NZ high school textbooks.

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Bruce Sullivan

Keynote Speaker*, Author and Business Leader, Bruce is a proven performer in achieving results in people for over 30 years. His practical, hands-on experience is based on working with individuals, families, businesses and communities providing education and opportunities for personal improvement.


It is this experience that has given Bruce a unique understanding of our ability to relate to one another in the workplace and at home. This is what sets his work apart and gives a very practical and timely insight into relationships at work and home.


Managing his own businesses since his teens, by age 24 he had established his own million- dollar network of businesses and he has an extended track record of working with a wide range of private and public organisations, both in Australia and overseas.

Bruce has worked extensively in the swim school industry for 30 years.

*National Speakers Keynote Presenter of the Year

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Lynn Ledford, USA

Lynn is able to create something of value and purpose - and profit - that
did not exist before. She thrives in situations that call for visionary, creative thinking coupled with the ability to create and implement the exacting details that are required to bring the vision to fruition. She is a fan of hard work and perseverance.

Lynn started out as a lawyer (civil litigation) then followed her heart into teaching law and at the age of 30 was made the Dean of Academics of Southern California College of Business & Law. In 1998, her life long entrepreneurial spirit manifested and with a business partner purchased Cal Elite Kids. Starting with 400 students and one program, Cal Elite now employs 120 amazing people and offers over 10,000 hours a week of training in multiple disciplines - including gymnastics, dance, swimming, aerial arts, educational preschool and more. Operations
expanded to a stand-alone Swim School (Pro Swim Academy) and Premier Swim Academy in California (2019). The brand expanded to Suzhou, China, in 2017 where preschool gymnastics is taught to the children of Suzhou. In 2020, Lynn launched Sweet Peas.

Lynn founded the True Blue Kids Club charity, which since 1998 has offered community service opportunities to thousands of children in southern California. In 2014, she founded the Roatan Expedition which provides face-to face service, educational supplies and basic needs to children and families in Honduras. Lynn served as a Board Member, VP and President of the US Swim School Association from 2011-2017 and also served on the Education Committee and as Chair of the Ethics Committee. I also serve as a business ambassador to USA Gymnastics,
providing leadership and education to the club members.

Lynn writes and speak locally, nationally and internationally on business, legal and leadership topics - particularly to those who operate child-based businesses.

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Frank Sahlein, USA

Frank Sahlein has been active in the Children’s Activity Centre industry as an
athlete, coach, business owner, consultant and business broker. He is a native of San Mateo, California and graduated from San Jose State University in California.

Frank was instrumental in pioneering the Children’s Learning Opportunity Center (CLOC) concept from 1976 – 2016 at the 40,000’ square foot Wings Center in Boise, Idaho (USA) – a blend of Sports Instruction, Arts, Education, Entertainment and Outreach programs.

Frank’s reputation as a business management innovator has inspired audiences worldwide, delivering over 1,500 presentations for a variety of Children’s Activity Centre industries – including gymnastics, swimming, cheerleading, dance, martial arts/ninja and child care/education.
Two-time recipient of the National Business Leader Award from USA Gymnastics,

Frank is the author of “Building Your Business Potential” and “Designing Your
Empowered Life”. He is the creator of 3 rd Level Consulting, the SmartEDGE™
Business Applications and CAC Certification Courses. He is the co-founder of LEAP Learning, and is the Executive Director of the International Association of Child Development Programs.

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Welcome Reception image.png

True Blue Migration Welcome Reception

July 23rd from 5:00pm

  • Horizon Room, Twin Towns - with our own room and bar

  • Network and socialise whilst taking in the wonderful Tweed River

  • Plenty of yummy food included.


Recognition Plus Awards Gala
July 24th from 6.30pm

Celebrate your wonderful industry

Inductions into the GCA Hall of Fame

  • Legends

  • Pioneers

  • Outstanding Contributors

National Excellence Awards Presentations

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Workforce Development

  • Customer Experience

  • Community Service

Dress Up! Network. Socialise. Feel the Buzz!

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Places to Go...
Things to See

Outdoor Adventures

Set within the Tweed’s natural beauty

Art and Culture

Starting with Tweed Regional Gallery and Margaret Olley Art Centre

Explore the Tweed

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