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At our Core

We Believe

We believe that movement is the essence of life and that gymnastics should form the foundation of all children's development.


We Embrace

We embrace that our industry is stronger when the entire pathway and sport is aligned; by collaborating with all stakeholders, gymnastics can be a preeminent activity and sport in Australia.


We Understand

We understand that Clubs, as the frontline operators, are the fundamental building blocks on which Gymnastics can thrive.


We Recognise

We recognise that the fastest and foremost path to a better, bigger, brighter gymnastics industry is for the frontline operators - the Clubs - to help each other be the best version of themselves that they can.

Our History

From GPA to GCA: a 10 Year Journey

On 28 October 2010, the 'Gymnastics Professionals Associations' was formed to bring Gymnastics Clubs together in a way to better address their industry and business needs. A sharing community with strong common interests would form the bonds.

Ten years on, to the day, 'Gymnastics Clubs Australia' successfully applied for an ABN. The vision and perseverance of a core group of 'true believers' - continuously buoyed by encouragement from want-to-be Members - has come to fruition.

Now, Clubs have the opportunity to more fully participate in shaping the destiny of their businesses, their Industry; and their wonderful sport.

Our Partners

GCA Constitution’s Objects

(a) To promote the benefits of learning gymnastics,

(b) To enhance access to gymnastics,

(c) To raise the standards in the delivery of gymnastics, from both an industry and sport perspective,

(d) To assist Gymnastic Club members enhance their operations,

(e) To advocate to relevant parties on industry and sport matters, and

(f)  To work with other organisations with similar objects and purposes.

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